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Branding methods



Senator® ball pens and mugs offer a great variety of branding options. Which are the ones best suited for your project? Below list outlines the strengths of the various branding methods we use.

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Ball pens


High Definition Print Sublimation print  
Digital clip print Direct print  
Screen print Transfer print  
Tampo print Sand blasting  
Barrel print 360° Laser engraving  
Barrel print 360° Plus Colour 4U  
Laser engraving Glossy Impression  
Metal print    


High Definition Print

The world-wide unique digital direct print convinces by its brilliance, colour and feel.


  • Incomparable 3D effect
  • Realisation of complex colour gradients
  • Accurate reproduction of photo-realistic themes
  • Reproduction of countless colours


This printing method delivers a surface like a steel engraved business card on a promotional pen. Instead of a simple, yet absolutely flat image as common print technologies, the senator® high definition print enables a brand experience like you have never seen and felt before.


Only senator® offers you this unique combinationn of brillant High Definition Print and stylish ball pen designs.
You have the choice among 7 different model groups for your advertising campaign. 

Super Hit
New Spring
Big Pen

PDF Logo  High Definition Print


Digital clip print / digital cap print

Our Digital Clip Print is the perfect solution to apply multi coloured prints on the clips of our ball pens.
With this method we also place logos very effectively onto the cap of our Liberty models with plastic clip.


  • Print to the edge of the clip possible
  • Realisation of colour gradients
  • Also suitable for photo-realistic theme


The digital print uses the CMYK colour printing process to mix all colours from the basic four. For prints on coloured clips we apply
an extra layer in white underneath the print.


Super Hit
Nature Plus
Signer Liner




Do you want to really shine with your brand? 
Then the senator® Pics products are the perfect choice for you.



  • High colour variety and brilliance
  • Photorealistic prints possible
  • Already available at 36 pieces


The sublimation print is an indirect print process during which the print motif is printed on a paper transfer paper first which then is fixed to a specially coated mug. Heat and pressure transfer the print colours onto the high gloss surface mug in one single step. This saves time and money.


Only senator® offers this unique combination of large-scale sublimation prints and stylish mug designs. You have a choice of nine different mug designs to carry your effective promotional message.

Pics One
Pics Two
Pics Classic
Pics Elite
Pics Elite Inside
Pics Cosmos
Pics Outdoor
Pics Solid
Pics Sweep
Pics King Can

PDF Logo  Sublimation





Screen print

Whenever it comes to branding our ball pen barrels or flat clips for us at senator® screen print is the branding method of our choice. 
The colours used allow a nearly exact reproduction of your corporate colours. 



  • Particularly sharp-edged prints
  • Large areas printable
  • Very precise register accuracy for multi-colour prints



Screenprint is a direct print process whereby ink is pressed through a mesh onto the ball pen. This process allows a very even ink application.



Tampo print

Tampo print is particularly suitable for printing on variously shaped or surface structured objects. We therefore use this printing method for branding our ball pen clips. 



  • Best suited to print on curved objects
  • Also for printing on small parts
  • Multi colour  prints possible



Tampo print is an indirect print method whereby ink is transferred  from the cliché via an elastic pad onto the surface to be printed. The result is a very even print on curved objects. 



Barrel print 360°

When it comes to printing all around our cylindrical barrels to use a very large area the Barrel Print 360° is first choice.



  • Eye-catching results
  • Large print area
  • High register accuracy


Senator® 360° barrel print is a special screen printing process whereby the barrel of a ball pen is printed before assembly. This way we can print all around the barrel and even underneath the clip.







Barrel print 360° Plus

360° Barrel Print Plus is the evolution of our 360° Barrel Print. Here we add an additional lacquer layer onto the print for a shiny and palpable effect.



  • Palpable 3D surface
  • Accentuation of selected elements
  • Large printing area
  • Solid tone prints possible


The lacquer layer substitutes one colour of the 360° Barrel Print and can be combined with prints of up to 4 colours.


metal print




Metal Print

The surfaces of our metal pens are refined by varnishs, lacquers or other surface coatings. In order to achieve a good bonding of the ink and wear resistance on these surfaces we use our special Metal Print method.



  • Lasts on varnished surfaces
  • Brilliant colours



Senator® metal print is a screen printing process whereby an extra hardening step is added in order to achieve a long lasting print result. 






Laser engraving

A very elegant branding method on metal surfaces is a laser engraving. Logos or messages are very accurately and permanently worked into the metal surface. 



  • A high class and modest result
  • Strong with fine lines
  • Also suitable for single names



For our laser engraving we use a high precision computer-controlled laser to engrave the surface of our writing instruments and thus expose the metal layer underneath.








Direct Print

If you are looking for multi coloured prints at low cost the senator Direct Print is just the right choice. The motive is printed directly onto the mug. This saves time and money. For an impressive look at a low price.


  • Sensational in price
  • Impressively fast
  • Striking large print area   



With the Direct Print method we apply the ink directly onto the mug. This saves time and money. Many of our mug models are suited for up to 4-colour prints, for some models two or three colours are possible. Direct Print is applicable for many print designs but there are some exceptions.  We will be happy to evaluate your logo prior to printing to make sure this print method is best suited for your project.






Transfer Print

Transfer print is the printing method of our choice when it comes to variety. The options are diverse: Starting from a discreet handle print all the way to a large area half tone  print we realise your ideas on our senator® mugs. 



  • Endless variety
  • Strong with half tone prints
  • Nearly perfect with colour gradients



Transfer print is a printing method whereby we first print the design on a label to be applied onto the mug in a second step. During the firing process the colour combines with the mug surface, the label dissolves up to a small edge around the print design. 







Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is a very stylish way to brand a mug. This branding you can feel.



  • Striking tactile results
  • Perfect for coloured mugs
  • Provides depth and structure



With the sandblasting method we grind the design direct into the surface giving the logo depth and structure.





Colour 4U

Name your requested colour adn we dye the outside of your mug to your requirements. This is possible for all white porcelain and stoneware mugs in our senator® range except for our tableware sets. 



  • Supremely customisable
  • Eye-catching results
  • Very effective in combination with sandblasting


Senator® Colour 4U is a special method whereby the mug is sprayed with the colour of your choice before kiln firing. 






Glossy Impression

With this special branding method we treat the frosted glass surface with a special lacquer. This makes the surface clear transparent again resulting in an eye-catching contrast of transparent and frosted surfaces.



  • Eye-catching effect
  • Subtle and harmonious
  • For small and large are prints