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World of Senator colours

Senator Colours


With senator® your corporate colour is in safe hands. The colours available for senator® ball pens offer a broad choice of surfaces and models.
This gives more flexibility when selecting the best promotional ball pen to perfectly fulfil your needs.








Our basic models offer a combination of
white with various colour accents.
These basic models, as well as our transparent Hattrix and Liberty models with soft grip zone are available in our top 10 colours.


In order to ensure you have the biggest
possible choice and comparison, most
of our plastic ball pens are available in
our 15 standard colours per surface.
Our successful Liberty model also has
an unbeatable colour range. In addition
to the 15 standard colours Liberty is
available in 10 additional transparent or
opaque barrel colours.
Colour range




We guarantee that our 15 standard colours will be available unchanged in the years ahead.
You can depend on being able to make follow-up orders in the future for many years from the
senator® range for your original colour tone choice.





Many of our models are available to mix between colours and
finishes. Our Mix and Match service offers exactly that: a full range of
surfaces, colours and additional options.

This means an unbelievable range of combinations and possibilities, and means that your promotional ball pens can be as unique as your brand.

To find out more: Mix & Match Program

Mix & Match




You can’t find your preferred colour in our catalogue products? Then check our PMS service, which will definitely offer you the right option. Simply tell us the PANTONE® number of your preferred colour and we will produce either the pen in its entirety or only specific parts with your preferred tone.

This service does require certain minimum quantities. For
details, please refer to the respective product.

In order to give your approval to the PMS service, we send you a sample piece produced with your preferred colour. To achieve an even higher degree of colour security (for example for the clear or frosted surfaces) we can also on request produce a pre-production sample in advance.

PMS Service

Our colour references always refer to the PANTONE® Matching System, however we must point out that the product itself –
because of different surfaces, lighting and materials – can differ from the colour tone printed on paper. This is why we cannot
accept complaints for such deviations.