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Reach of promotional items

When selecting the most appropriate medium for a particular purpose, reach is one of the key considerations by advertisers i.e.: the number of people I can access through my brand. This value is calculated by determining the number of exposures per day. The results of the studies* are quite clear: promotional items significantly outperform all other forms of advertising.

With a score of 88%, promotional items come out well ahead of radio, television, newspaper and poster advertising. And pens and mugs in particular do even better:




Mugs are used twice a day on average, and pens an impressive six times. That's six exposures per day – a sensational number! And when you compare the comparatively modest cost of promotional items with the greater cost of other forms of advertising, the particular cost-effectiveness of the promotional item is clear.

*Source: GWW studies on the effectiveness of promotional items ("Werbewirkung von Werbeartikeln"), 2005 and 2011




Penetration and use of promotional items

Promotional items are very common - almost everyone has one. But a key reason for acceptance and recall is whether people actually enjoy using them. Top of the list of promotional items that people like having and enjoy using are ballpens. They come in useful all the time and their use is immediately obvious. What is not obvious at first glance is the importance of quality in determining the acceptance and use of a promotional item.

But it is why we at SENATOR, as manufacturers of promotional items, place such importance on ensuring high quality in our products. A pen that feels good to hold and writes well is desirable and will be used over the long term. So the tip must write cleanly - no smudging or scratching. To ensure that the mechanism works well, the individual components must fit together to within a thousandth of a millimetre. The clip must be sturdy enough to guarantee longevity – even if fiddled with – a thousand times without breaking.

And of course, the branding must be hard-wearing enough to ensure that the advertiser's brand remains recognisable years down the line – because a pen like this really will remain effective as an advertising medium for many years.




Advertising duration for promotional items

The duration of newspaper ads is usually measured in days, while for radio, TV and poster ads this figure may run into weeks. Promotional items are in a different league altogether: the duration of this type of advertising is measured in months and years. Thirty per cent of promotional pens and 40% of promotional mugs remain in use for longer than two years. As far as the quality of promotional pens is concerned, this means among other things, the ink needs to last as long as possible to prevent the pen being discarded after a short time.

At senator we pay attention to details like this, which is why our refills can write for up to several thousand metres – more than enough for a few years' use.

Promotional mugs are used for even longer. So we rigorously test our branding processes by putting our mugs through at least 250 wash cycles and then examining them for changes in colour and brightness and for clouding or deposits.