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Recall of promotional items

Of course, it is not enough for people to simply see an advertisement. It is much more important that they also remember what is being advertised. Ultimately, the aim of any advertising is to ensure that a brand is in the consumer's memory when he or she makes a purchasing decision. Here too, promotional items perform well. More than half of the people are able to recall the name of the product or company advertised. That's impressive enough in comparison with results achieved by radio and TV advertising, but pens and mugs do better still: a good 75% of people are able to recall an ad in these media.

One reason for this high recall score is the flexibility with which promotional items can be adapted to suit a brand. There are plenty of examples of this: for instance, the unusual design of the Centrix ballpen combined with a smart digitally printed logo might convey the character of a young internet start-up perfectly.

A high-end clothing brand, on the other hand, might be particularly well-served by the refined Image Elegance pen with laser engraving.




Acceptance of promotional items

The TV remote control is the media planner's worst nightmare. Many people find TV advertising irritating and switch channels as soon as an ad break begins. And the situation is even worse for door-drop advertising: most of it goes straight into the bin. Promotional items are a different matter: most people are delighted to receive a little gift.

The important thing is to ensure that the promotional item has a specific use and won't simply gather dust.